How to ensure
Green Building Requirements are Integrated
from early design phases?

Are you a Project Manager, Architect or Engineer who is in charge of a project which has sustainabiliy objectives and/or targeting green certification but you’re unsure where to start? Have you been told that achieving green building standards and certification costs a lot more and is an extremely complicated, long, painful process? Or have you already incorporated green features in your project concept but you're unsure if they are compliant with green standards and labels

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then this is The Green Design Brief you have been looking for. Here’s why.

With our 10 years expertise in Green Building Engineering, we have helped all our clients meet high performance, heathy, energy efficient standardized green buildings at little to no additional cost and with zero delay to project deadline and we’ve collected all this knowledge and compiled it in our step to step guide. 

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For a very small investment, you will be able to identify your project’s actual building performance, its potential to reach green building certification, know how much it will cost overall and have all necessary design guidelines and list of green features to meet your targeted sustainability ambitions.


And if your project meets requirements, we’ll support you in inquiring for green funding opportunities.

Green Concept Action Plan (GCAP)

Kick Off

Start by sending us your documents (plans, elevations, design briefs, project program). We will have a look and initiate our first assessment.



Preliminary Project Analysis

We will then compute all this information into our models. This is where we will look into your site’s potential and climate responsive design strategies for your project. Is the proposed building mass the optimal solution in terms of energy and comfort? Can we improve the envelope and facades performance to protect occupants from solar heat gains? How do these strategies affect the whole energy load of my building?




We will then organize an interview with you and your design team to ask further questions that would help us better evaluate the sustainability performance of your project. Expect questions on your project site, landscape, architectural choices, the materials you are considering, energy and water systems and owner’s specific requirements

Certification Feasibility

Once we have analyzed your building’s performance we will go forward in evaluating your project's feasibility in regards to environmental certification. Here we will conduct what we call a Gap Analysis to assess how your project performs credit per credit. The end result is a detailed scorecard of your project and associated points we assume you can either likely achieve, probably achieve or not achieve due to the project’s context

Green Design Guidelines

We will compile a list of green features for you to meet the targeted certification level (all our studies aim LEED Gold at a minimum but it is up to you to decide what you want to reach)



Energy and Water Analysis

We will then pursue with an estimation of the energy and water savings you would benefit from by integrating these green design features

Cost Estimations

Once operational savings have been estimated, we will go on in estimating additional construction costs incurred by the suggested green features. You will then have an overall idea of the budget over your project’s lifetime




You have now everything you need to get your green building off the ground. You know how your actual design performs, how to optimize it, what this optimization will cost you, what certification level it will allow you to obtain and which financial incentives you might be eligible for. All you need is to execute the roadmap. And if you need help in implementing this into your design, we can help. 50% of the fee for this package can be directly used as a credit for the next steps of your project


Funding Opportunities

If applicable to your project, we will suggest funding opportunities you might be eligible for when you meet the required design criteria

It takes only One Step to Sustainability

This is it. The Green Design Brief is the process, the metrics and the green features that  we use to support  our clients in achieving green standards for their projects.  It is the exact brief you need to get your green, people centric projects off the ground smoothly and cost effectively. 

This is what you can expect to achieve from our Green Design Brief:


  • Ensure your project programmation and concepts are designed with sustainability requirements from the start.

  • Save your clients time and money by avoiding unecessary costly design changes later in the process.

  • Reduce your client's up-front costs by applying bioclimatic architecture principles.

  • Achieve green building certification through calculated, planned and result-driven processes.

  • Cut operational and maintenance costs significantly by reducing your client's energy, water consumption while minimizing the overall carbon footprint of their projects.

  • Ensure selected materials and technology are on point with your client's goals and sustainability requirements.

  • Just do the right thing.


" This was invaluable for DSM, Armelle took charge of the work and presented it bit by bit making sure we were fully aware of the process and journey.  On project work Armelle has assisted with various pitches, creating excellent, clear and easy to understand presentations for our prospective clients. "

—  Joy Menzies, Managing Director at DSM

Inquiry Process

Contact us today to know more about the package and how we can support your projects sustainability goals.

Schedule an introduction meeting with us.

Receive our package brief and return your project's information to us.

Get valuable and measurable insights on your project's sustainability performance.



Starts at 10,000 USD

We will apply 50% of this fee as a credit towards the execution of the project's future development and implementation (valid within 1 year).

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